Each shade development is done in the lab using latest Spectro Photometer and Lab Dispenser. After the Shade approval by the customer it is processed using State of Art Machines at our plant. To maintain High Quality Standard each lot that is produced goes through stringent quality checks according to ISO norms in our Lab which is equipped with all the latest Quality Testing Equipments.

Yarn Friction Tester

Lab Dispenser

Fastness Testing Machines

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Sample Dyeing

Comparison of Package dyeing with Hanks dyeing
Process Hanks Dyeing Procedure ( Followed by over 95% viscose thread manufacturers ) Discovery Procedure
( Package Dyeing )
Our Advantage Over Local Dyeing
Single Ply to 2 Ply Yarn Use doubling machines to convert ( package wt approx) 100-120 gms . / bobbin 8 -10 knots in 1 kg High speed TFO machines up to 1200gms knotless package Bigger knotless package (less knots mean less thread and needle breakage)
Selection of Dye Stuff Mixed dye stuffs are used Some colors are dyed with vat dyes, some in direct dyes and even some colors in naphtha based dyes. Self certified eco friendly. Only certified eco-friendly Dye stuffs are used. Majority of dyes are procured from MNC’s like Huntsman & Colourtex etc. OEKO TEX CERTIFIED
Dyeing Process Hanks dyeing in dye bath tubs Some even use dip dyeing. Package dyeing ,use of hi-tech, High temp and high pressure machines. Bigger lots, No patchy dyeing, Fast colors
Color Matching Majority done by local color masters without any technical knowledge Fully computerized color matching system (Spectrophotometer) Very good repeats. Color matching in different light sources possible.
Drying Majority drying is done openly under sun or indirect heated chamber dryers Radio frequency dryers No difference in shade after drying. No effect on production plans due to change in season.
Final Package Final winding on card board spools Available in large variety of final packages 700 mtrs cop and 1830 mtrs Y-cone .fully computerized length measuring and Precision Wound Packages. Accurate length. Very good yarn delivery because of pressure roller technique.
QC Lack of laboratory facilities Hi tech in house laboratory facilities to check washing, rubbing, static water and other important fastness standards. Non bleeding colors.